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Together we'll validate the behavioral strengths that underpin your success and happiness at work. Then we'll create a go-forward strategy for your strengths, skills and experience so you can feel confident about where you are or where you want to go. 


After 16 years as an educator in the classroom, I didn't think there was a way out. Elissa showed me otherwise. She is more than just a career coach - she helped me through the ups and (invariable) downs of my career pivot and was integral in helping me land my first role in more than 16 years outside of the classroom. She is engaging, thoughtful, thorough, and encouraging. I cannot thank her enough for showing me the possibilities, instead of the pitfalls, of transitioning from a long career to another one. THANK YOU, Elissa, for giving me hope and inspiration! Cannot recommend her highly enough and I do, frequently, to others who reach out to me in similar situations. A+!

Regardless of where you are in your career - early stage or advanced - Elissa is an amazing coach. She has an uncanny ability to tap into you as a person, with all of your strengths and opportunities, to help you clarify the things that are important for your career growth and full life - your capabilities, your value, and your values. She listens closely, and challenges you in healthy, necessary ways for illuminating your best self and finding the most effective strategies for demonstrating your value and your worth at the table. I honestly wish I had found her sooner! ~ Adrienne B.

Here's what you'll get ... 

  • find out what makes you tick so you can feel confident and see possibilities instead of limitations
  • identify key motivators so you can better evaluate opportunities
  • personalized insights you can apply immediately so you feel validated, empowered and banish imposter syndrome
  • discover why some of your job feels good (or doesn't) and how to stick to what feels good in your next role
  • outline next steps so you know where to go from here

Jim A.

Where do I begin? Elissa helped me in so many ways! To begin with, her assessment tools were the most accurate I have ever encountered. They were completely accurate and incredibly useful to me. I will rely on them completely going forward. I had recently retired and was looking to pivot to the private sector from a government career. In addition to her phenomenal content production, Elissa is incredibly skilled at the "EQ" of the job search.

Elissa's counsel and support was outstanding. She has a unique ability reframe circumstances in a positive and constructive way. In a word, she's a rockstar in this field. I am proud to say because of her knowledge, skill and support, I made the pivot and got the job! Using her techniques, I had multiple offers and was able to select the role that was the best fit for me and my family! She's amazing! I recommend Elissa 100% without any reservation! No matter where you are in your job search process, she will absolutely take you to the next level and help you attain all your goals! Thank you Elissa!


I was in transition and I was unsure of myself. Elissa helped me get my mind back on the right track. Her tools and strategies were insightful and helpful in reframing perceived weaknesses into strengths. If I am lucky, I will count her as a friend, too. ~ Luisa V.

I feel very grateful to have had Elissa's coaching and wisdom at this point in my career and my life! Elissa has a very empathic and genuine communication style, and fosters a safe space of reflection and introspection. I felt very understood, and Elissa was able to help me better visualize my own professional journey and how to better approach my next opportunity with confidence. She is also a joy to talk to; she keeps the tone conversational and fun, asks insightful questions, and tries to deeply understand the person behind the professional. Thank you, Elissa! ~ Brandon H.

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