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Enjoy Your Job (again)

Get a customized plan so you can Love Your Work Life‚ĄĘ today, tomorrow and every day from now on.


Life's Too Short To Dread Going To Work.

Most people run their careers on auto-pilot instead of going after what they want and having what they want. That doesn't have to be you.

On-On-One Coaching Programs

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  • 10 minute online survey results in a¬†20+ page Personal Dynamics report you can keep so you can better understand and articulate your value
  • new resume¬†leveraging your transferable skills and optimized to your career goals
  • LinkedIn profile review and customized updates optimized to platform searchability¬†
  • job search communication templates (cover letter, thank you, connection request, follow-up, etc.)
  • job search strategy that will help you get in front of the gatekeepers thorugh direct outreach and online, recruiter introductions
  • interview preparation, and debriefing, including mock interviews with critique and redirect¬†
  • life coaching that addresses any area of concern (confidence, work gaps, eclectic career, education, age, early/late career)
  • unlimited sessions aligned with your goals, transition pace and interview invitations

6 weeks :: $2775 

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  • validate your natural workplace strengths and transferable skills with your Personal Dynamics Report
  • learn your dominant career need so you can use it as a compass to get more of what drives you
  • get clear about your future direction¬†and the most relevant accomplishments for your career move
  • craft your message with collateral materials so it's easy for others to see the logic in your career move
  • seek out opportunities with¬†an¬†easy, stress-free job search strategy (without alerting the whole world)
  • communicate your value with interview skills and questions to uncover leader style and team culture
  • life coaching to help you navigate challenges¬†like confidence, imposter syndrome, work gaps, education, age, current toxic workplace, and all. the. things.

12-Week Program :: $4975

Schedule a free call to share your goals and see if we're a good fit.

Get help with your biggest management challenges.

  • ‚ÄčLeading in a toxic work environment full of conflict and negativity.
  • Managing unmotivated team members.
  • Juggling heavy workloads, stress and more to do than time to do it.
  • Handling disagreements, conflicts and difficult personalities.
  • Having the trust of your team and being valued by upper management.

Coaching + Mastermind :: $3200

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You can get what you want, too.

It's Always The Right Time To Double Down On You

Don't live another day below your potential, in job that doesn't fit or a place that sucks the life out of you. Land a great job. Advance your career. Build and lead your team to success.