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Love Your Work Life

Don't stay in a job that feels bad. I'll help you see your value, release your doubts and take action. It's time to make your move.


Feeling Great About Your Job Should Be Normal

My mission is to help 1000 people like you get out of a toxic workplace, a job that doesn't give you the opportunities you deserve or just plain feels bad. It's 100% possible to have a job that feels good and enjoy a career with direction and progress. Join me today. Be one of the first thousand :)

"Elissa successfully guided me through a career pivot in which I was able to land a role in the desired industry I was looking to transition into. Her empathetic nature and direct and tailored advice motivated and encouraged me. My new resume really highlighted my story and coupled with the ProScan® results allowed me to relay my experience and career pivot narrative much more concisely and directly. I attribute her coaching as the catalyst of my success in landing my new role. I recommend Elissa to anyone who may feel stuck or any career-related support. I believe job searching is a team effort and Elissa is an invaluable asset to have in your corner. Thank you!"

Sammi M.
Community Engagement I Corporate Responsibility

Make Your Move

We start by validating your natural strength traits and characteristics, then work 1:1 through a proven process and personalized coaching so you can land your next role.

Set Your Direction

Map your career history and experience to the roles you want and a place that fits with your personal values.

Craft Your Message

Get a resume and LinkedIn profile that showcases your skills, strengths, experience and accomplishments.

Share Your Value

Interview with ease and certainty while you answer questions and uncover leadership style and culture.

Find Opportunities

Seek out and land a great new job where you feel appreciated for your skills, strengths,  contribution, and impact.

Elissa was instrumental in my job search during the pandemic.

Her methodologies were very impactful and comprehensive. I consulted with several coaches, all of whom were helpful; but Elissa had the greatest impact. She helped me to identify my strengths and how to mobilize those strengths. She coached me through salary negotiations and interviewing. Her teachings resonate within me daily. I highly recommend Elissa to all job seekers. I look forward to a continued professional relationship with her. She is worth her weight in gold. 5 🌟

~ Rochelle T. Senior Accounting Professional



On-On-One Coaching Programs

  • validate your natural workplace strengths and transferable skills with your Personal Dynamics Report
  • learn your dominant career need so you can use it as a compass to get more of what drives you
  • get clear about your future direction and the most relevant accomplishments for your career move
  • craft your message with collateral materials so it's easy for others to see the logic in your career move
  • seek out opportunities with an easy, stress-free job search strategy (without alerting the whole world)
  • communicate your value with interview skills and questions to uncover leader style and team culture
  • life coaching to help you navigate challenges like confidence, imposter syndrome, work gaps, education, age, current toxic workplace, and all. the. things.

12-Week Program :: $4975

  • 10 minute online survey results in a 20+ page Personal Dynamics report you can keep so you can better understand and articulate your value
  • find out what makes you tick because the traits and characteristics that underpin your career success equal possibilities not limitations
  • learn what's been going on and how are life's pressures affecting your energy and satisfaction (or if you're in the wrong role)
  • deep dive strategy call for personalized insights and go forward actions so you can immediately use what you learned in your career transition actions

1.5 Hour Strengths + Strategy Session :: $675

Get it now


  • Personal Dynamics career strengths assessment and report (20+ pages about your awesomeness from a 10-minute survey)
  • new resume (leveraging transferable skills and accomplishments + optimized to career goals)
  • LinkedIn profile review and customized, written for you update recommendations
  • over 15 communication templates (cover letter, thank you, connection request, follow-up, etc.)
  • includes 2 hours of coaching to you know how to leverage your resume and Personal Dynamics report

Service Fee :: $725


"Elissa has the unique ability to know just when to bolster your sense of personal empowerment and confidence. I found her to be instrumental in assisting me to successfully and confidently bring out the best possible version of myself. I highly recommend Elissa! "

Terri G.
Chief Risk & Compliance Officer

It's Always The Right Time To Double Down On You

Don't live another day in job that doesn't fit or a place that sucks the life out of you. Schedule your free Possibility Session™ today.

DIY More Your Style?

I have some great resources for you!

Get access to job search & interview courses or on-demand webinars so you can make your career move and love your work life, again.