YAY! Your interview skills are about to go to a whole new level.


Interviews are conversations. Important conversations.

It's your opportunity to share why you're the perfect candidate AND evaluate the hiring manager and company so you can feel confident you're not getting into another toxic workplace or company that doesn't align with your values.

This course is going to teach you stellar interview skills so you can uncover what you need to know and turn conversations into job offers.


Here's All The Details

  • PART ONE will teach you how to talk about yourself. You are "marketing" yourself in an interview and you can do it in a way that feels authentic so you don’t have to worry about feeling awkward and salesy.


  • PART TWO is where you’ll discover how to prepare for your interviews so that you don't have to worry about mental blocks and can feel empowered and enter every conversation with ease and certainty.


  • PART THREE gets super practical. You'll get a storytelling framework to help you answer questions in a meaningful way (included the dreaded behavioral Qs) and lots of examples you can customize).


  • PART FOUR teaches you how to ask questions (and what questions to ask). Gather information so you can uncover red flags. Take advantage of their responses to showcase more of your value. It’s a game-changer.


  • PART FIVE takes interviewing deeper.  Recruiters need to hear different things than a hiring manger, panel or executive. You'll learn how to tailor your approach to your audience.so you can easily relate to the type of interview / interviewer.


  • PART SIX is about the money … figure out what you want and approach salary negotiation with confidence.


  • PLUS there's bonus content for "what about" situations and additional curated resources for even more insight and confidence.

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