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Transferable Skills & Behavioral Strengths Report

You get a ProScan® Personal Strengths survey so you have a proven psychometric analysis validating your essential skills and the traits that underpin and predict your career success. 

What You’ll Get:

  • Experience a deep sense of validation with a report that confirms the stuff you know but didn't know how to express
  • Identify the communication style, leadership style and more that help you be a valuable leader and team member
  • A practical report to help you talk about your value in an authentic and compelling way so others see your value, too

Elissa used her gifts to mentor, train, and guide me while still letting me make my own decisions. While I learned, she was there every step of the way, encouraging and advising which felt like you were talking with a friend you have known for a long time. As a matter of fact, two weeks after completing I was hired!  I ABSOLUTELY recommend her to anyone that needs help with their resume, LinkedIn profile or career advice. She is extremely talented and has all the tools and tricks to take your personal journey from coaching to resumes and surpass your expectations.

Elissa is a ROCKSTAR! I really can’t say enough about her and all she has done for me.


Corporate Occupational Health and Safety Advisor

What’s Inside Job Search Field Guide™

On-Demand Resources

  • If you're wondering about it, I've been there and so have my clients. Watch coaching videos by topic to expand on course content and get the answers you need to overcome obstacles.
  • Lifetime access to course modules, coaching videos and curated content so you can access now and anytime you're ready to elevate your career.

Five Step Job Search Strategy

Clarify Your Career Story


  • Learn to appreciate your career as a whole. There's value in ALL of it. And the cool thing is, when you find value in the whole of your career, other people will, too. 
  • Find the common denominators from one role to another so you can connect the dots across your career and discover the connections that make your desired career move make sense.
  • Clarify your new career direction so you have a destination you're running towards instead of a job you're running away from.

Validate Your Essential Skills


  • Identify, clarify and understand the implications of your essential skills. They've been part of your best career moments and are the superpower for your future.
  • Connect your strengths to your accomplishments. When you connect the dots for you, it's easy much easier for recruiters and hiring managers to see those connections, too.
  • Define your direction and create a menu of accomplishments that you'll use throughout your job search conversations.

Develop Your Career Message


  • Create a resume that opens doors by showcasing your strengths skills and accomplishments so hiring managers picture you in the role.
  • Construct a LinkedIn profile that is optimized for visibility and where you're headed instead of where you've been.
  • Release yourself from worry about your career message and feel confident and authentic about the documents you are putting out into the world.

Rinse and Repeat Job Search Strategy


  • Find the companies and jobs that resonate with what you want and align your strengths, skills and interests to the job requirements.   
  • Track down the gatekeepers and decision-makers between you and that all-important first interview so you can reach out about your interest.
  • Simple, rinse and repeat strategy that gets you in front of 3 people in the same time it takes to complete one online application.

The Art of Stellar Interviews


  • Learn how to talk about yourself in a way that feels natural and authentic so you can be yourself and still showcase why you're a great candidate.   
  • Ask specific questions as a way to share more of your awesomeness. Uncover culture and leadership style red flags so you don't find yourself slipping into another difficult work situation. 
  • Take control of the interview by creating a conversation. You'll feel more comfortable and confident with each interview in the process.  

Elissa successfully guided me through a career pivot

in which I was able to land a role in the desired industry I was looking to transition into. Her empathetic nature and direct and tailored advice motivated and encouraged me. My new resume really highlighted my story and coupled with the ProScan® results allowed me to relay my experience and career pivot narrative much more concisely and directly. I'm very much appreciative of her help. Her guidance changed the course of my job search and I attribute her coaching as the catalyst of my success in landing my new role. I recommend Elissa to anyone who may feel stuck in their job search, needs interview prep, resume help, career pivot guidance, or any career-related support. I believe job searching is a team effort and Elissa is an invaluable asset to have in your corner. Thank you!

Sammi M. 

Community Engagement, Corporate Responsibility

I have followed Elissa on LinkedIn for quite a while, and when I was ready, I knew she was exactly what I needed to assist me in perfectly capturing both my quirky personality and my achievements. She provided a psychological test identifying my natural work and leadership styles that was highly accurate, and we were able to use concrete examples from my work experience highlighting these skills.

- Lauren F.
Payroll & HR Specialist


Elissa was instrumental in my job search during the pandemic. Her methodologies were very impactful and comprehensive.  She helped me identify my strengths and how to mobilize those strengths. She coached me through salary negotiations and interviewing. Her teachings resonate within me daily. I highly recommend Elissa to all job seekers. I look forward to a continued professional relationship with her. She is worth her weight in gold. 

- Rochelle T.
Senior Accountant


After going through an unexpected layoff I connected with Elissa. She gave me ample challenge to find a job where I will be happy.  I can now say everything Elissa taught me has helped me find an excellent position that was a definite match. I really feel if it wasn't for her coaching and experience on navigating a new position I wouldn't have found such a great position. Trust in Elissa because you won't go wrong as she will guide you to success.

- Todd B.
Senior QA Analyst



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Knowing that I had complete control over my career no matter what was happening around me gave me opportunities I never dreamed of. 

I've experienced first hand what it feels like to know I could do more, be more, and believe I was meant for more and attain it (over and over again).

If I can do it while navigating uncertainty, toxic places and people, downsizing and restructuring, so can you! 

Should you choose to accept my invitation, I personally guarantee the coaching and strategies you'll receive will forever change your career trajectory.  

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