6-week 1:1 Coaching Program :: $2800.00

Accelerate Your Job Search

If you're not getting traction in your job search, sign up for 1:1 coaching that will give you the results you need to land a new job quickly and stress-free.

What you'll get:

  • 10 minute online survey results in a 20+ page Personal Dynamics report you can keep so you can better understand and articulate your value
  • New resume leveraging your transferable skills and optimized to your career goals
  • LinkedIn profile review and customized updates optimized to platform searchability
  • Job search communication templates (cover letter, thank you, connection request, follow-up, etc.)
  • Job search strategy that will help you get in front of the gatekeepers through direct outreach and online, recruiter introductions
  • Interview preparation, and debriefing, including mock interviews with critique and redirect 
  • Life coaching that addresses any area of concern (confidence, work gaps, eclectic career, education, age, early/late career)
  • Multiple sessions per week to stay aligned with your goals, transition pace and interview invitations

6 weeks :: $2800


We kick things off with your Personal Dynamics Report. It's the perfect way to validate your strengths and the value you bring to a workplace. You'll feel amazing. I can't wait to share it with you.