LinkedIn Profile Makeover

Remember the show, "What Not to Wear?" Think of the LinkedIn Profile Makeover like you're taking your profile in for an audit of what is working and what is NOT.

This is your chance to get my eyeballs on your profile and tell you exactly what I would do in order to help you figure out what's in, out, or not optimized the best way so you can attract more relevant people to your profile, help them see how awesome you are, and open doors to more job opportunities!

What you'll get:

  • You will be immediately brought to a diagnostic form to fill in so I can get the full picture of what you want help with.

  • Once I receive your information and go over it in great detail, I will record and send you a video of me going over everything you need. I will be sharing my screen and will also provide any feedback that is necessary in order for you execute your LinkedIn Profile Makeover.

  • You will also receive tips on how to leverage LinkedIn for your job search, connecting with recruiters and hiring managers, and any other advice that is fitting to making the most of your LinkedIn profile. Think of this as me stopping over for a visit and helping you maximize your LinkedIn presence!

  • Your personal and custom video will be sent to you within 2 business days, so you can start executing the advice I offer you. Easy peasy!


$28.00 USD