12-week 1:1 Coaching Program :: $4800.00

Advance Your Career Coaching Program

A proven process and customized 1:1 coaching to make your career move. 

Everything you need to advance your career: 

  • Identify your needs & motivators so you can evaluate a job’s fit to YOU instead of molding yourself to them
  • Skyrocket your confidence instead of limitations - see OPTIONS and  POSSIBILITIES and go after them!
  • Feel validated and capable because when you do, others see your VALUE and CAPACITY, too

Here's what you get:

    • validate your natural workplace strengths and transferable skills with your Personal Dynamics Report
    • learn your dominant career need so you can use it as a compass to get more of what drives you
    • get clear about your future direction and the most relevant accomplishments for your career move
    • craft your message with collateral materials so it's easy for others to see the logic in your career move
    • seek out opportunities with an easy, stress-free job search strategy (without alerting the whole world)
    • communicate your value with interview skills and questions to uncover leader style and team culture
    • life coaching to help you navigate challenges like confidence, imposter syndrome, work gaps, education, age, current toxic workplace, and all. the. things.


  • We kick things off with your Personal Dynamics Report. It's the perfect way to validate your strengths and the value you bring to a workplace. You'll feel amazing. I can't wait to share it with you.
  • 12-Week Program :: $4800


What People Are Saying:

Elissa’s assessment tools were the most accurate I have ever encountered. They were completely accurate and incredibly useful to me. I will rely on them completely going forward.

Jim A.

Elissa’s tools and strategies were insightful and helpful in reframing perceived weaknesses into strengths.

Luisa V.

After 16 years as an educator in the classroom, I didn't think there was a way out. Elissa showed me otherwise. She is more than just a career coach - she helped me through the ups and (invariable) downs of my career pivot and was integral in helping me land my first role in more than 16 years outside of the classroom. She is engaging, thoughtful, thorough, and encouraging. I cannot thank her enough for showing me the possibilities, instead of the pitfalls, of transitioning from a long career to another one. THANK YOU, Elissa, for giving me hope and inspiration! Cannot recommend her highly enough and I do, frequently, to others who reach out to me in similar situations. A+!

Kimberly C.

Career changes are extremely difficult, especially for those that have been in an industry or a role for a long time. I found myself struggling with some of the lingering baggage I was carrying. I engaged Elissa to help me one-on-one, allowing me to take advantage of her skills and experience directly. I can't highly recommend this enough for those out there that find themselves not just lost in the process but also a little lost as a person after a sudden change.

Justin J.

Elissa successfully guided me through a career pivot in which I was able to land a role in the desired industry I was looking to transition into. Her empathetic nature and direct and tailored advice motivated and encouraged me. I attribute her coaching as the catalyst of my success in landing my new role. I recommend Elissa to anyone who may feel stuck in their job search, needs interview prep, resume help, or career pivot guidance. I believe job searching is a team effort and Elissa is an invaluable asset to have in your corner. Thank you!

Sammi M.