Go from feeling frustrated and set up to fail to enjoying real accomplishment with your engaged and productive team! 


You know how middle managers feel like they're caught between executive leadership that's out of touch and a team that needs more than you think is possible to give?

I help middle managers develop everyday people management skills that take them from feeling defeated and giving up on being a manager to feeling successful and good at their job.  


Join Strategic Leadership Lab™

Strategic Leadership Lab is your 12-week, 1:1 coaching program. It's designed exclusively for middle managers based on my 20+ years of middle management experience in multiple industries, leading and coaching 1000's of people.

You'll have support on timely topics and you'll walk away with real, tested, actionable strategies to help you go from feeling overwhelmed to having it all under control. 

Be the manager you're meant to be so you can have a thriving career leading your team. 

Applications are being accepted for January 2024.  Start the process by filling out the contact form below and completing a short survey.

I'll follow up with you personally to learn more about what's keeping you up at night and what being a great leader looks like to you.

I look forward to chatting with  you soon!

Elissa Shuck

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